It Is Now Park Avenue Autumn


It may still be oppressively hot outside, but Park Avenue Summer has undergone a 48-hour metamorphosis to become Park Avenue Autumn.

The new season features two menus: In addition to the regular menu, there is a “fall festival” menu that includes pricey spins on such digestible bits of Americana as Kentucky Fried Quail & Waffles ($28) and a $13 dessert trio of so-called Fairground Favorites — a candied apple, a snow cone, and cotton candy. To drink, there’s a can of Budweiser, here rechristened a Carny Cocktail.

The main menu, which was created in collaboration between executive chef Kevin Lasko and Craig Koketsu, the chef-partner who’s currently got his hands full opening the Hurricane Club, comprises such solidly autumnal offerings as seared Scottish salmon with shiitake mushrooms and green apple; fig carpaccio with Hoja Santa goat cheese; and roasted pumpkin soup with lobster crouton. More details can be found here.