Koran-Burning Plan “Idiotic and Dangerous” Says Attorney General Eric Holder


Following General David Petraeus’s admonishment of the Gainesville pastor who wants to burn Korans on 9/11, at a meeting yesterday with interfaith religious leaders to discuss recent hate attacks on Muslims and mosques, Attorney General Eric Holder called Terry Jones’ plan “idiotic and dangerous.

Presidential advisor David Axelrod said the plan is not a question of rights and “wrong in so many dimensions,” not to mention a threat to American security.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg says Jones has the First Amendment right to burn Korans, despite how distasteful it might be.

Jones himself appeared on the Today Show this morning (someone stop giving this man airtime!) to say he’s still determined to carry out the plan, even if it would likely “offend all the world’s Muslims.”

But! Now that Angelina Jolie is getting involved (she’s against the burning, obviously), maybe she can succeed where men have failed, i.e., in knocking some sense into him.