NYPD Big Caught in the NYPD Tapes Should be Suspended, Department Judge Rules


A deputy chief in the NYPD should be suspended for 30 days and get probation for breaking department rules on using human growth hormone, an administrative law judges has ruled.

As the Village Voice has reported, Deputy Chief Michael Marino is already under investigation over whether he broke department rules in ordering Police Officer Adrian Schoolcraft to be carted off against his will to a psychiatric ward at Jamaica Hospital in October, 2009.

In a lawsuit filed last month, Schoolcraft claims that police retaliated against him for reporting the downgrading of criminal complaints and a range of other allegations to NYPD internal investigators. Marino, the second-ranking officer in Patrol Borough Brooklyn North, is named in the lawsuit.

Marino and the names of two dozen other cops came up in a 2007 investigation into a steroids ring operating out of a Brooklyn pharmacy. Six officers have already been disciplined in connection with the probe.

It’s up to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly whether to agree with the judge’s call for suspension and probation or to come up with a different outcome.