Science Says: Men, to Attract Ladies, Make Like a Fool on the Dance Floor


Men: If you want to look good on the dance floor, you should be a bit more aggressive about waving your necks and torsos around, according to a new, obviously European study. British and German researchers filmed a group of young men as they danced naturally, then mapped their movements onto faceless avatars. Ladies were then asked to rank the dance moves of the avatars. Turns out, they preferred large and varied movements involving the head, neck, and torso, as well as rapid bending/twisting right knee movements.

Why? All of this has to do with sex and reproduction, somehow, or “with central body motions which send out primal signals of health, vigor, and strength,” although how exactly that is remains in a bit of a fog, probably because we’re still entranced by your sweet, sweet moves. Especially that right knee thing.

Of course, if you’re witnessing the real, live dancing of a real, live person, factors like what they actually look like, what they’re wearing, if they’re being assholes, and whether or not they bought you a drink and/or are of or way above age will probably come into play. But otherwise, guys, these are some words to live by. Is anyone else reminded of Elaine Benes? Or…this guy?

Alternatively, you could try having a conversation.

[via Yahoo]