Yes, M.I.A. Is Still Doing A Free New York Show, Somewhere, Sometime


So M.I.A.’s last show here, headlining July’s HARD Festival at Governors Island, was an unpleasant experience for all involved, due to some combination of technical difficulty, weather calamity, and further bad mojo from her seemingly cursed 2010. So unpleasant an experience, in fact, that she promised to do “a free show in NYC when I get back,” if you’ve still got your HARD ticket stub and/or are willing to “do me a lil dance.”

This is apparently still going to happen.

The news that she’s announced a decidedly not-free Terminal 5 show for September 27 led to fears that Maya had forgotten her oft-Tweeted threat/promise, but reliable sources in M.I.A.’s camp insist she has not: “They are working on details, place, and date, so I don’t have info on it yet. Stay tuned.” So there you go: Keep that HARD ticket stub in a safe place. Or continue practicing your lil dance.