Breaking: Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones Cancels Koran-Burning in Exchange for Reported Promise to Move ‘Ground Zero Mosque’


Damien Cave, the New York Times‘ Miami bureau chief, has just Tweeted out that at a press conference, the potential Koran-Burning Pastor Terry Jones of Florida has decided to cancel his Koran-burning. He supposedly got a promise from the Feisel Abdul Rauf, the imam behind Park51 (a/k/a the “Ground Zero Mosque”) to move the mosque away from three-blocks-from-Ground-Zero, in order to do so. Jones and Rauf are reportedly meeting on Saturday. Runnin’ Scared’s own Jen Doll weighs in: “Now #terryjones can have his life back.” Also, you may finally put your Jonathan Franzen books away. UPDATE: Video after the jump.

For the record, Rauf told CNN’s Soledad O’Brian last night that he was worried about the issues that could arise from moving Park51, via WNYC:

The Imam behind the proposed Islamic community center and mosque two blocks from ground zero says in retrospect, he might have chosen a different location for the project if he knew it would cause “this kind of pain.” But moving the center now could incite a backlash from Muslim extremists.

It looks like he might’ve just found his way out of this publicity pickle. But if Jones doesn’t burn a Koran, isn’t there just some other asshole American who will?

UPDATE 2: Naturally, there is, but there is also a Donald Trump to get involved in all of this ridiculousness, too: he offered to buy the proposed site of Park51. Also, Keith Olbermann is reporting that Reuters is saying that people close to the Imam are like “No way, brah” to moving the Mosque. Meanwhile, Greg Mitchell of The Nation and Colby Hall of Mediaite made the same “Balloon Boy” joke, the New York Times posted their full account of the matter, and the Franzen Book-Burners have yet to tell us who they’ve managed to get to compromise for them to stop burning copies of Freedom. Insanity!

Update 3: I don’t even know who this guy is, but he’s also saying an official with Park51 says “nope” on the plans to move it. Henry Blodget gets it: This guy just won the publicity game.