Captured: Appalling Subway Behavior


Ever ride the NYC metro and gasp at all the horrors laid out before you for a mere $2.25?

Ever notice the awful, messy pole leaners? The dumb, sprawled-out daytime sleepers? The ding-dongs who robotically crowd into a packed car rather than walk two feet to a way more spacious one?

They’re all waiting for you just a few steps below ground level — but you’re not necessarily fated to be among their ignominious ranks!

You can always walk, crawl, drive, or cab it to avoid all the aggressively cuckoo “retro metro” behavior.

And when you get to your destination, you can always rely on Eddie Going‘s Going With Eddie blog, a collection of photos of subway-riding New York miscreants, all caught mid-act en route to nowheresville, complete with disapproving captions.

But while you’re walking/crawling, etc., you might want to keep your eyes half-shut because the idiots are on the street, too!