Fashion Week Day One: Nicholas K; Michael Kors, Heidi Klum, and Jessica Simpson at the Extra-Long Project Runway Show


We’ve been counting down the days until this very moment: the first day of Fashion Week at its new location. And although Bryant Park is a mere two miles away from Lincoln Center, it feels like we’re in another world. We take our first glimpse of the new setup and see no sign of white tents or big crowds — granted, it is 9 a.m. — and we can’t help but miss the commotion of the Bryant Park scene. But wait, who is this, walking right next to us through the gates of heaven? None other than Michael Kors, albeit in his usual get-up (black blazer and jeans)…things are looking up already!

Hidden in the back left of Lincoln Center is the action. The white tents embrace the courtyard, adding more light and tree scenery with an easy and accessible sitting area that keeps the non-invitees out — not nearly as dark and mysterious as we had it in Bryant Park. We like.

We begin to see the regulars: the gray-haired security and the scraggly-looking punk, pushing 50, who shoots about 99.9 percent of the fashion shows. But one thing sticking out are the new bar code scanners that give attendees fast access to the shows.

While there are still PR reps helping out with check-in, most invites have a code; once you scan it, a nifty receipt is printed out with the name of the show, the date, your name, title, and seat. (Sure makes for easier scrapbooking).

The first show of the morning is for ready-to-wear line Nicholas K, designed by siblings Nicholas and Christopher Kunz — its camouflage theme included loads of green tones, zombie makeup, hoodies, and layers. The show was produced by tell-it-like-it-is Kelly Cutrone (of The City fame) and her peeps at People’s Revolution. She looked more striking than imaginable, and it was great to see her work in the flesh instead of bitching out lanky interns on TV.

Up next was the hour-long Project Runway show. We’ll leave it to Stacey Anderson (who, coincidentally, was seated next to another Stacey Anderson: accident or intentional?), the Voice‘s Project Runway expert, to give us her two cents on the 10 designers we saw.

What we can tell you is the show was packed with famous fashionistas from Project Runway: guest judge Jessica Simpson, who did not look very fashion forward in a Las Vegas-styled glittery loose-fitting top and ponytail, Harvey Weinstein, Alicia Keys with her husband Swizz Beatz, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel, looking quite dapper as always in a suit and hat.

Aside from Heidi Klum, Kors, Nina Garcia and all the rest, we couldn’t help but notice the bite-size kids sitting in the front row, one sporting the signature front-row look, usually reserved for the likes of Anna Wintour, in shades. These girls are getting groomed for the fashion world younger and younger. Even Weinsten went over to speak to them, but who the hell are they? We took a look at the seat name. Click here to see whose billionaire daughter (or granddaughter) it was.