Guy Lands Face-First on Third Rail, Takes 625 Volts to the Head, Survives


We would not show you this if he didn’t live. In two words: Holy crap. A guy was pushed onto the third rail (the electric, terrifying one) in East New York on Monday night. And someone took a picture. Andy Morris, a 44-year-old former construction worker who now lives in a homeless shelter, survived the ordeal, which included 625 volts to the head and sounds…horrifying.

Via the Daily News:

Witnesses said his body shook and smoke came from his noggin, as he lay helplessly on the subway tracks in East New York on Monday night.

“He first started twitching and then you started seeing smoke coming from his head,” said Marlon Probherbs, 23. “You could smell the flesh burning.”

Leading up to the incident, Morris and two others got in an argument on a Queens-bound A train near the Jay Street-Borough Hall station; 10 stops later, on the platform, Morris took a swing at them. An onlooker — not one of the men he was apparently fighting with — then shoved him, and he landed with his head on the third rail.

Morris, now in the burn unit at Staten Island University Hospital, doesn’t remember anything, which is probably a blessing of a sort. He was likely drunk, according to witnesses. Also a blessing.


“My fingers are fried,” Morris said.

Which makes Morris either very, very lucky — or the most unlucky person ever, depending on whether you’re a glass-half-full or a glass-half-empty sort of person. In either case, step away from the edge of the platform.

[via Daily News]