Koran-Burning Pastor Has Now Messed Up Everyone’s Day, Department of State Warns


So: that famewhore pastor who’s planning on burning Korans on September 11 just to get a call from President Obama? No word on whether or not he’s gotten it — he probably won’t, because this country doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, which in this situation he more or less is — but he is getting some other things. Like a warning for every American on the planet to watch their asses for the next month.

Yeah, the Department of State just issued a release titled “Worldwide – Qur’an Burning” basically explaining that someone dumb enough to make such a huge deal out of being so hateful and burning the holy book of Islam is bound to piss off people who are already pissed off, who may or may not take out that anger on Americans:

The Department of State is issuing this Travel Alert to caution U.S. citizens of the potential for anti-U.S. demonstrations in many countries in response to stated plans by a church in Florida to burn Qur’ans on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Demonstrations, some violent, have already taken place in several countries, including Afghanistan and Indonesia, in response to media reports of the church’s plans. The potential for further protests and demonstrations, some of which may turn violent, remains high. We urge you to pay attention to local reaction to the situation, and to avoid areas where demonstrations may take place. This Travel Alert expires on September 30, 2010.

Elsewhere in news about this asshole?

None of this is good.