Koran-Burning Pastor Wants a Call From Obama


In the latest on this fucked-up publicity stunt, famewhore pastor Terry Jones now says he’ll really, really think about not going through with that whole Koran-burning thing, if Barack Obama, or maybe the State Department or Pentagon call him and ask him to cancel the protest.

In an interview with USA Today, he said “if the White House, State Department or Pentagon asked him to cancel his protest ‘that would cause us to definitely think it over. That’s what we’re doing now. I don’t think a call from them is something we would ignore.'”

We would love to hear this conversation go down. Really.

Obama, whom we really doubt will ever personally address Jones, said the plan could “greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform who are in Iraq, who are in Afghanistan” and is a “recruitment bonanza for Al Qaeda,” on Good Morning America today.

Also publicly weighing in against Jones:

• Iraq

• France

• Pakistan

• Afghanistan

• Indonesia, including an Indonesian Muslim group which told CNN it will issue a death sentence on Jones if he carries out his plan. “This is not a problem between Muslims and Christians but rather between Terry Jones and mankind,” said Sabri Lubis, a secretary general with the group.

• The Vatican

• The U.N.

• David Petraeus

• Eric Holder

• The NYPD

• The Council on American-Islamic Relations, which will distribute 200,000 Korans on the planned date of the burning.

• Bloomberg, who thinks the idea is “boneheaded” (but is pro-First-Amendment rights.)

• The Military Religious Freedom Foundation

• Hillary Clinton

• Sarah Palin

• The U.S. ambassador to Iraq

• Lebanon

Wow, thanks for helping bring folks together, Jones! Meanwhile, Muslims in his hometown of Gainesville say, “He is just seeking his 15 minutes of fame.”

15 minutes, be gone with you.

[via USA Today, CNN]