Letters to Runnin’ Scared: Taxi Drivers as “Rude Fu**s” Edition


We love our readers! Some of them love us! Others, not so much. Occasionally, we get letters from them. These are their stories.

Yesterday we wrote about an unscientific study naming New York City’s taxi drivers as The Rudest in the World, our city’s response to that study, and maybe some reasons why the study is inaccurate (mainly: tourists are naive morons). We heard from one reader, however, who is neither a tourist nor completely pro-taxi, who made a fair if not impassioned point regarding the issue. Geoff King of Jackson Heights writes:

I’m not a tourist and I’ve taken NYC taxis for thirty years.

About half of the drivers are rude fucks, by any international standard, and they talk on the phone while they drive (yes, I *do* mind although the the drivers never ask) and they consistently refuse customer requests.

This is thirty years’ of experience speaking here. I have never mistreated a taxi driver.

Stop the nonsense rationalizations. You’re not fooling any citizen who takes NYC taxis.

And I report each and every one of them that violates the rules of their profession.

Jackson Heights

Geoff’s points are not without merit, for who among us hasn’t experienced the gruff antipathy of a driver who’d rather kick you out of his cab and risk a fine than have to take you to Brooklyn?

Then again: Who among us have actually bothered calling 311 to report — or as some would say, “snitch” — on their drivers? Readers, we love to hear from you. You know where to put them.