Not-So-Milky Way: New York Milk Recall Now Happening, Here’s How to Tell Yours Is Bad


Milk: It does a body good…except for when it goes bad. Or when it comes out of the factory having already gone bad. Which is what’s happening to New York right now. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK (YOUR MILK).

Via the WNYC Newsroom comes word and warning of a Northeast U.S. milk recall originating in Albany, New York, which is coming from pasteurizing equipment at Midland Farms inspectors found to be “failed.” The milk coming from there is sold under the brands:

  • Midland Farms
  • Corrado’s Market
  • Jersey Dairy Farms
  • and Trade Fair Premium.

Though the milk isn’t confirmed to be contaminated, the recall is standard procedure when inspectors find bad equipment. How to tell yours is bad?

Consumers should look for the plant code 36-1661 and a September 24 date code.

Whoever sold it to you has to take it back, and you can get new milk, or if you’re really good at haggling, a 40 of O.E. in the exchange. Good luck dealing with this moo-srible news.