The Most Screamy Stump Speech in the History of Recorded American Politics, Ever (Video)


The Stark County, Ohio treasurer’s race is heating up apparently.

No, but really, you watch this video of a candidate for treasurer of , and tell me if you’ve ever seen any political race — from Fifth Grade Class President, onward — get this intense. Have you ever seen somebody TALK IN ALL CAPS?!

The man you’re about to watch go crazypants is Phil Davison, going after the Republican nomination for the office of county treasurer. He didn’t win. After this:

You gotta wonder why. Also, you can now say you’ve actually heard what it sounds like when someone screams the words “MOST FAVORITE!?!?” at least once in your life.

Slow clap, though. While it’s not exactly “Coffee is for Closers,” it should still earn the man some points .towards his Actor’s Equity card. How long did you last? Also, what’s in the water in the “village of Minnerva,” please? Does it neighbor the mountain of Mordor? WTF.