Bad-Ass Couple Forces Teen Vandals to Dance, MoFos, Dance! (Video)


This is maybe the weirdest revenge video we’ve ever seen. But we’ve always been rather a fan of the “Dance, Motherfuckers, Dance” meme — you know, where a gun-toting cowboy forces his black-hatted opponent into a begrudging two-step, lest he shoot his feet off — just because, well, it’s so silly. Contradictions being what they are.

Anyway, a New Zealand couple known only as “Izzy” and “Tracey” apparently apprehended two alleged teen vandals who’d tagged their garden fence and garbage cans with graffiti, then forced them to dance until the police arrived. And dance they did, although probably not in the best possible way to attract women. More head and neck movements, please.

Why, yes, of course the event was YouTubed.

According to the Sun:

During the filming, Izzy is heard saying to the men: “It’s a f****** long time ’til the police get here, isn’t it?”

He adds: “I’m a crazy motherf*****.”

Tracey, who at one point wanders into view, says: “Come on, we want more tag moves.

“All your friends are going to see this on YouTube. Come on, guys. Don’t jog, dance!”

The pair then discuss whether they should spray the men blue “to make them look like Smurfs”.

Bad. Ass.

Sort of.


It is alleged one of the officers laughed so hard when he saw the pair dancing he had to leave the house.

It remains unclear how the couple captured the teenagers, identified as Karl, 20, and Shane, 18, although Shane has claimed he was forced from his home at knifepoint. Meanwhile, the Telegraph reminds us that anyone apprehending an alleged criminal should “contact the police and let them deal with the incident.”

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