Barbara Cook Disses Catherine Zeta-Jones


I was at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency last night to see Michael Feinstein and Barbara Cook do their wonderful show, Cheek to Cheek. (I’ll have more about it in the next column.)

And I was delighted to see Cook radiating more of a feisty personality than I’ve ever known her to show.

When her patter turned to the Tony Awards, Cook volunteered, “Catherine Zeta-Jones should not have won that award.

“Sorry, darling.

“She’s perfectly lovely, but she didn’t deserve the award!”

(Send back the Tony. Don’t bother, it’s here.)

Fortunately, Cook feels more at peace about the featured actress in a musical category, which had her nominated, but Katie Finneran (from Promises, Promises) winning.

The legendary singer said she went up to Finneran afterwards and gushed, “Thank God you were good!”

As Cook explained, “You don’t want to lose to some shlump.”