Coffee and Smokes May Help You Live Longer, If You Don’t Die First


Oh, hey! Special for you this Friday: From Scientific American…When University of Washington scientists fed coffee and tobacco extracts to fruit flies, they found that their dopamine cells (which keep you from getting Parkinson’s) survived and their little fly life spans increased. What do you know, human studies also indicate that adults who chug the coffee and suck the ciggies have a lower risk of Parkinson’s! (Although they’re often a little on the twitchy — er, energetic — side.)

Although neither nicotine or caffeine were found to be the actual protective substances themselves, they contained “promising compounds,” so, there’s that. Promising, indeed: To coffee and smoking! To not looking like Iggy Pop! Unless, of course, you want to!

On the other side of things, if you seem to have an infestation of fruit flies, don’t offer them a drag or a cuppa.