Diana Ross Comes Out Way on Top!


My recent blog post called “Remembering Diana Ross’s Appalling Behavior at Flo Ballard’s Funeral” has long left the runner-up, “Adam Lambert vs. Clay Aiken: A Tale of Two Coming Outs,” in the dust as it’s soared to the revered position of my most commented blog of all time.

Partly thanks to an ongoing bitchfight between someone named Hector and the people who hate him (some of whom pretend to be Hector), this bitter battle full of both pride and stupidity has made it to the top slot, with 551 comments and counting, as I wonder “Where did our love go?”

“Adam vs. Clay,” meanwhile, has stalled at a mere 421 comments.

All of which goes to show that diva behavior from a gay icon 34 years ago will force today’s gay idols to their knees every time.

Not that gays need to be forced to their knees.