Eliot Spitzer is Coming. On the Big Screen. To the Big Screen. We Mean ‘To.’ (Video)


Eliot Spitzer’s CNN show is finally on its way, and, yes, we will count down to it and enjoy the entire thing until the wait finally climaxes into the euphoria of seeing our former governor pound away at the 8 p.m. spot that Campbell Brown just couldn’t take, and then we’re gonna liveblog the entire thing until we’re flushed and ragged. But also, there’s Spitzer all over the big screen, too. And now, the poster for Alex Gibey’s Client 9 is here.

Via New York‘s Vulture blog comes this, in your face:

Gibney’s the award-winning documentary director behind Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, Taxi to the Dark Side, and, most recently, Casino Jack and the United States of Money (about lobbyist-crook Jack Abramoff).

Client 9 opened to rave reviews at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival (a good summary of the doc also comes from New York), and it’s out in theaters on November 5 (and on-demand on October 1). An early clip of it premiered on CNN Money recently.

Soak it all in. Or up. Soak it up.