Kanye West Performed While Standing on the Bar at the Boom Boom Room at 3 A.M. Last Night


Fashion Week tends to bring out musicians — consider Guns N’ Roses’s secret performance at the John Varvatos store in the spring, or the formidable line-up that Ralph Lauren, Balenciaga, et al. have put together for the next week or so. And Kanye West has a penchant for performing unannounced shows around New York, whether it’s Fashion Week or some random night in August. So it’s not exactly a surprise to learn that as the clock struck 3 a.m. last night, West mounted the bar at one of the the hardest doors in New York, the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room, and preceded to give an impromptu performance for those lucky enough to be in attendance. The pictures — what few exist — look amazing:

This seems to be about it for documentation, which is about right — the whole pact you make in exchange for admission to the Boom Boom Room is to not be declasse and take all kinds of photos in there. That didn’t really stop people from Tweeting wildly about the whole thing though.

Meanwhile, what was on Kanye’s mind, hours before his triumphant performance?

Boom Boom Room Reopens With a Kanye West Bang [Eater]