Missed Connection of the Day: Greenpoint Robbery Averted by Good Samaritan


Here’s your feel-good story of the day, via Craigslist (Missed Connections, of course): A would-be cell phone thief in Greenpoint is chased down on the street by a random stranger who makes him give up the phone, and an apology, to his would-be victim. The stranger and the no-longer-victim hug, go their separate ways, and then, hours later, are like…WTF. Did that just happen? They both post Missed Connections to each other within a couple of hours of each other to say thanks. Cause this sort of thing doesn’t happen everyday, actually.

Click to enlarge:

Awwww, right?

We got in touch with both parties, who had this to add:

From Kelsey, cell phone girl:

I haven’t gotten a response yet, but I did see his post after I posted mine, and replied to his. Hopefully he’ll contact back, but if not — I’m just glad I got the chance to thank him properly. You wouldn’t believe how absolutely kind and heroic he was. An absolute gentleman.

And from Kevin, good Samaritan:

We didn’t say much to each other so really I just wanted to tell her thanks. It’s not every day you get to save a damsel in distress!

Ah, this would be such a great meet-cute if only Kelsey wasn’t boyfriended up already. Anyway, good on ya, sir. Restoring our faith in the kindness of strangers! With this as our inspiration, let’s all try to be a little nicer. After all, it’s Friday.