Posts of the Week


Here we sit at the end of this truncated week, casting an eye back over the news of the last four days …

We ranked Our 9 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants in NYC (and one in New Jersey).

Fat Witch and Amy’s Bread squared off in a Battle of the Chelsea Market Walnut Brownies.

The Atlantic Grill’s Mike Lim talked about the best sushi fish you’ve never heard of and growing up in Malaysia.

The Lambs Club’s Lily Cho talked about training with Sasha Petraske, the ubiquitous Prohibition theme, and the life of a cocktail.

NYC’s Department of Environmental Protection flogs its own drinking water at the Union Square Greenmarket.

Xiao Ye’s fried tofu and unagi grilled corn are both delightful and vegetarian.

Ah, shameless press invites.

The roast chicken at Eataly’s Roticceria is darn good.

On Top Chef this week, Angelo cried for himself.

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