Red Hook to Get Adorable Old-School Trolleys? Only a $295,000 Transportation Study Will Tell


A five-month study will determine if streetcars will be part of Red Hook’s future transportation (rooted in its past). The study aims to find the best option to link Red Hook with surrounding Brooklyn neighborhoods to “support economic development,” according to the Department of Transportation. If it works out, Red Hook could look like New York of the early 1900s — then, maybe hipsters would change out their fedoras for top-hats. G’day, miss.

The $295,000 study, funded through a Federal Transit Administration grant, “will include community meetings and a technical analysis of the area’s needs and demographics, as well as a look at the engineering advantages and limitations of any prospective project,” according to the Department of Transportation. It will also examine other North American streetcar systems so that ours kicks ass as effectively as possible.

The neighborhood, a transportation desert compared to most of New York, has been growing steadily, as evidenced by affordable furniture superstore Ikea setting up shop there. Wait a second — has the Ikea ferry been cracking down on locals? Is that what this is about?

This transportation boon could be a bust for those who enjoy Red Hook’s seclusion and affordable rents. When a neighborhood gets cuter, it’s only a matter of time before Manhattan upchucks its residents into the newly chic locale, and let’s face it, streetcars are hands-down the most adorable form of transportation, second only to bicycles built for two.

via the Daily News