The New York Post ‘Snarks’ Brooklyn Books, Sarah Silverman, and Paul Krugman


Predictably nasty New York Post film critic Kyle Smith is now apparently telling his readers what else to do on the weekends. Not that he really should, but Smith obviously doesn’t give a shit what Post readers are doing on the weekend, because he apparently wrote one entry just to be a cruel dick and smack-talk some of Brooklyn’s Finest, and beyond.

Via the Housing Works Bookstore Tumblr, Smith tells his readers to head to the Brooklyn Book Festival to see music writer Rob Sheffield read from his new book. He then lays into a bunch of people. I’ve bullet-pointed the list and bolded out his smack-talk for you to enjoy:

  • Along with Sheffield,

  • other writers appearing are MacArthur-certified genius Colson Whitehead,
  • hipster glamourpuss Sloane Crosley,
  • perpetually self-contradicting columnist Paul Krugman,
  • surprisingly durable fatwa survivor Salman Rushdie
  • and former television star and bed-wetter Sarah Silverman.

Yes, Salman Rushdie did survive a fatwa, and Colson Whitehead did earn a genius grant, but do those really seem like genuine compliments alongside “hipster glamourpuss,” “perpetually self-contradicting,” and “bed-wetter” (which is also true). On the one hand: dick! On the other: from the Post, not unexpected. And on the other, well, at least the New York Post are encouraging their readership to aspire for reading comprehension above, well, the Post. Baby steps, I guess.