2001: A Space Odyssey Acid Freakout in 2010


Last weekend, we noted the slowly budding LSD renaissance, when even the New York Times paid tribute to the drug through the accomplishments of druggie acid legend Dock Ellis. But as with every powerful chemical, it’s not all rosy kaleidoscope visuals and stamping out depression — some people aren’t cut out for mind-alteration. This was on full display last night at a Los Angeles screening of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Egyptian Theater, where one man, showing all the signs of a “bad trip,” had to be escorted out of the theater by a group of men. The video, “uploaded to YouTube before the movie was even over,” comes to us courtesy of Deadspin founder and New York contributing editor Will Leitch and Tim Grierson:

Now, beware: This video is dark, both in terms of lighting and in terms of content.

In it, a man identified by his pleading friends as Robert becomes gradually more disquieted during the film, first shouting “Stanley Kubrick!” at the screen and telling everyone to get on the floor. As the crowd, attempting to watch the movie, starts shouting back, commanding the man to sit down and shut up, he starts to lose it. Someone recommends a glass of water.

Then, he starts screaming “Please!” before the movie is apparently paused for security to remove the drug-addled screamer. He’s manhandled, perhaps necessarily. But moron or not, imagine the terror of an entire theater’s worth of people turning on you, being surrounded and touched by big men and having no grasp on reality. Someone who seems to be his friend calmly reminds him that he’s in a movie theater, where he needs to be quiet. Hopefully, he got home safe:

Just like ’68, this is your brain on Kubrick.

(via Will Leitch)

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