Fashion’s Night Out Was Last Night, It Seems


Kanye West had a better Fashion’s Night Out than you. He called it “the best night” of his life “uuuum so far.” The New York Times, in a more staid description, called it “the unofficial start of fall fashion.” But according to Times writer Stuart Emmrich, “it did one more thing on Friday night”: it killed the Sex and the City fantasy, our nation’s twelve-year nightmare. Also, Entourage! “It returned the meatpacking district to actual New Yorkers.” But is this something New Yorkers want back? Do they even deserve it? Shouldn’t it belong to the, um, meat workers?

In the immortal words of Bob Ritchie, these are the questions that don’t have any answers. This is what we know:

From the vantage point of the expert, short skirts, bad heels, “pressed jeans,” and other fashion crimes against humanity were gone, and instead it was all “fashionably dressed women and men (and some of indeterminate gender) who looked as if they lived, worked and shopped in the city.” Let’s be clear: the bad ones he mentions are from New Jersey. It’s a shame he resorted to subliminal disses instead of saying what he meant, but fine.

The entire wrap-up, not unlike Kanye West’s Twitter dispatches from Soho (which he “shut down”), is starry-eyed and adrenaline-infused. If you care about celebrities, you should read it. If you don’t, then this is the best part:

But the most chaotic scene unfolded on the usually tranquil eighth floor, where, amid the china and the linens, was Jennifer Lopez, unveiling her new fragrance, Love and Glamour.

The first 300 fans who spent $135 got to have their photographs taken with Ms. Lopez, who was near a faux fireplace. “I’m Mr. J Lo!” said Joshua Lopez, 31, who is not related to the singer and actress, as he proudly flashed his photo. “Oh man, I’m so excited.”

From the non-VIPs, it was summed up succinctly by one local social media maven:

See you next year!