Fried Dumpling Has Returned to Allen Street


It was a sad day when Fried Dumpling closed its doors at 99 Allen Street in April 2009. Fans of the tiny restaurant’s four-for-$1 dumplings were bereft, as were neighborhood preservationists, who saw in the empty storefront the specter of yet another cell phone store or Subway franchise. But amazingly, their fears were misplaced: Fried Dumpling has been resurrected.

Bowery Boogie reports that the hole-in-the-wall has returned to 99 Allen with a new awning, which carries the label of Inexpensive Delicacies Company. It’s selling dumplings both wholesale and retail, and is still, as its newly modified name suggests, cheap. And the seats and interior decor, or lack thereof, are likewise still the same, which is as comforting as a plate of hot, fried carbohydrates itself.