Get Ready to Rage at the MTA; Fare-Hike Hearings Begin Tonight!


Pissed about the possibility of paying more for your Metrocard? Want to say something about it? Tonight begins the first in a series of nine public hearings (including one in each borough) about the pretty-much impending fare increases. If you’ll recall, those include the following:

• Raising seven-day MetroCards from $27 to $28, limited to 22 rides. Or keeping it unlimited for $29.

• Raising 30-day cards from $89 to $99 for a card with a 90-trip cap, or $104 for unlimited rides.

• Or, maybe, raising your unlimited MetroCard to $130.

• Increasing single-ride tickets to $2.50

• Charging you a buck when you need a new card and don’t refill an old one.

According to NY1, the MTA board is likely to approve both fare hikes and booth layoffs — they say reductions will save almost a million dollars this year, and nearly $4 million a year starting in 2011 — but if the public could get Betty White on SNL, maybe we have a chance here, too. Speak now, or at one of the following hearings…or forever hold your peace/bitch into the ether.

Registration opens at 5 p.m. and closes at 9 p.m., and all registered speakers will have a chance to talk. The hearings start at 6 p.m.

Also today, LIRR riders start to deal with an array of new service cuts. Yay.

[via NY1]