Grading the New York Times’ East Village Hyperlocal Slave Labor Experiment, Now Live


The New York Times has now launched their hyperlocal news blog run by NYU students — some of the most hoodwinked-by-tuition-costs in the nation — for free. How is it?

  • It doesn’t look like the New York Times. This is possibly a good sign. B+
  • It has a blogroll, and they’re soliciting more blogs to put on their blogroll. Fine. B for Effort and for showing “respeckt” to the EV Blog Mob.
  • There are not one, but two lengthy introductory posts explaining what this thing is, both of which are longer than any of the articles on the site right now. This is possibly a bad sign. D-.
  • There’s a post about going to Yoga to the People, which everyone in New York City who’s young and of a certain “set” either has done, has thought about doing, or has heard of. It doesn’t mention what it’s like to fart in Yoga to the People, which is an essential part of the experience. C+.
  • There’s a post about the Howl Festival that ends with “This post has been changed to correct an error.” They must be gossip bloggers, too! [See: “Biggest Blunder.”] F for Effort.
  • There’s a post about how icky payphones are. With a video hosted by Vimeo! Icky! C-.
  • There’s a post about the primary. C+, I guess, for caring.

Class dismissed. We will be doing this every day. Maybe we’ll even have guests. Do you want to volunteer to grade NYU’s New York Times blog? Holler. Anyone may apply. Do you work for NYU’s hyperlocal blog and want to talk about the shackles they’re making you wear or send us your syllabus or give us the dirt on how you’re writing posts or want to show us screengrabs of your back-end? [To be clear, not your A-S-S, but your C-M-S, though you may contact our photo department for the former.] We’d love to see what it all looks like.

Apropos of nothing — or somethings — I’m hereby declaring war on this thing. I’ll figure out what the conditions are later. For the record, young’uns, this is how you blog: violently and shamelessly, until you get paid.