I’m Producing an Off-Broadway Musical!


I’m serious!

And it’s mainly because I’ve dropped my defenses (among other things) and have decided to be more open to saying “yes” whenever people ask me to engage in various offbeat creative endeavors.

Besides, I’ve always harbored a fantasy of being the next David Merrick, the old-time producer who indulged in crazy gimmicks and lavish promotional campaigns.

I’m starting on a slightly smaller scale, though.

The show I’m co-producing happens to be Perfect Harmony, a comedy about a high school battle between two a cappella groups, headed to a theater on Bleecker Street.

Before you scream “Glee!” you should know that the show started at the Fringe Festival back in 2006 — pre-Glee — and has been gradually building up to this new engagement.

But say whatever you want. I’m a big-time producer now and can simply blind you with my name in lights.