Morning Links: The U.S. Consumer Lives; Hurricane Igor Picks Up; “Hottest Sports Reporter in Mexico” Challenges Jets


The U.S. consumer isn’t dead, after all. Expect the economy to get better in 2011. (Fingers crossed.) [Bloomberg]

In a positive note to the recession: Global arms sales dropped to the lowest level since 2005 — $57.5 billion in 2009. (The U.S. was still the world’s leading supplier.) If the economy is indeed improving, let’s not all go out and buy our missiles at once. [NYT]

Hurricane Igor is on his way to becoming a Category Five today. [CNN]

Horribly, a 23-year-old biking on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn on Saturday evening was hit by a car door that sent her into the path of a bus which struck and killed her. The woman who opened the door apparently left the scene before being brought back by the police. [NYP]

The lawyer of Sarah Shourd, the 32-year-old American imprisoned in Iran, is waiting to hear that the $500,000 bail required by the judiciary has been paid. [NPR]

A $1 million federal stimulus grant given to Bronx health clinic Soundview has been frozen after officials became concerned that State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada may have used the funds for his own uses. [NYP]

The self-described “hottest sports reporter in Mexico,” Ines Sainz, has accused several Jets players and coach Rex Ryan of “hooting and hollering” at her from the sidelines. Then she Tweeted a picture of her butt. [Pat’s Papers]

Of special importance to us at the Voice: Perfume company Bond No. 9 has launched “Cooper Square,” with notes of “cognac, juniper berry, lavender, myrrh, olibanum, patchouli, cashmere wood, musk, vetiver, Ciste Labdanum, and timberwood.” Missing: perspiration, angst, stale cigarettes, burnt popcorn. [Bowery Boogie]