Musto’s Night Out! Get a Load of This Photo!


The annual Fashion’s Night Out last Friday was a big hit, the streets swarming with zombie-like fashionistas looking for a photo op or a bargain.

It was like Halloween all over again, but for people who didn’t realize they were wearing a costume.

I made it to Bergdorf Goodman, where downtown entertainers filled the windows and I met Nicole Richie on the seventh floor before the screaming girls descended on her;

Soho, which was overcome with more shrieking fashionplates than the season finale of Project Runway;

And Limelight Marketplace, where Next magazine trotted out zany drag queens and gogo boys, not to mention the gigantic outside sign where I gleefully posed for MRNY (see above).

I’m half blind from the flashbulbs — not to mention from my blindingly gorgeous Vivienne Westwood jacket.