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Tea Party Now Openly Hunting Blacks, Jews, Brown People


We always knew the Tea Party had interest in other races, but it appears as if they’re now making a full effort to go after them, right out in the open.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington Wire reports on FreedomWorks chair Dick Armey talking to a room full of reporters:

“I get a little tired of diversity…from liberals,” Armey said. He accused Democrats and liberals of making life miserable…blacks and Hispanics…FreedomWorks says the plan is to buy…first Jewish and then Hispanic and African-American…s. The group hasn’t finalized its budget for the effort.

And via Politico:

Tea partiers have downplayed…diversity in their ranks, but on Monday one of the movement’s leading organizers announced a new initiative…their first target this High Holiday season are Jews.

Not like we didn’t see this coming last time, or anything.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on September 13, 2010

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