Tea Party Now Openly Hunting Blacks, Jews, Brown People


We always knew the Tea Party had interest in other races, but it appears as if they’re now making a full effort to go after them, right out in the open.

The Wall Street Journal‘s Washington Wire reports on FreedomWorks chair Dick Armey talking to a room full of reporters:

“I get a little tired of diversity…from liberals,” Armey said. He accused Democrats and liberals of making life miserable…blacks and Hispanics…FreedomWorks says the plan is to buy…first Jewish and then Hispanic and African-American…s. The group hasn’t finalized its budget for the effort.

And via Politico:

Tea partiers have downplayed…diversity in their ranks, but on Monday one of the movement’s leading organizers announced a new initiative…their first target this High Holiday season are Jews.

Not like we didn’t see this coming last time, or anything.