The Dismemberment Plan Are Reuniting, Playing NYC


Kudos to The Washington Post for breaking the news that hometown post-punk heroes the Dismemberment Plan are reuniting, after a seven-year absence, to back the vinyl reissue of their 1999 zenith Emergency & I. (I’m still a Change guy, but I got no complaints.) The extent of all this is tentative — “We’re doing these shows and taking it day to day after that” — but “these shows,” thankfully, includes us:

Among the five dates announced thus far is the first must-see show of 2011: The Dismemberment Plan January 29 at Webster Hall. Ticket info to be announced soon — don’t lose them. These guys were essentially the heroes of an earlier, less dominant era of Pitchfork‘s existence — it’ll be interesting to see how this generation regards them. For the unfamiliar or temporarily forgetful, start here.