The Village Voice’s NYPD Tapes on This American Life (Audio)


We may not have been noted by certain other New York media outlets for Graham Rayman’s groundbreaking series, The NYPD Tapes, but there’s one outlet that did manage to get the story of Graham’s story correct: NPR and Chicago Public Radio’s long-running, cult-following fueled This American Life, who did an entire segment on The NYPD Tapes this weekend.

This American Life, Episode 414, “Right to Remain Silent,” is described on their site thusly:

Stories about people who have the right to remain silent…but choose not to exercise that right — including police officer Adrian Schoolcraft, who secretly recorded his supervisors telling officers to manipulate crime statistics and make illegal arrests. The Village Voice series that broke Schoolcraft’s story is here.

Congratulations to Graham Rayman on his series, which continues to break news, which you can find right here on Runnin’ Scared.


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