Worst (Best?) “Romeo Grifter” Ever Manages to Scam $250,000 From Divorcee While Living at Home With His Parents


We can’t help but approve, to some extent, of Andrea Peyser’s dark, servicey exclusive today: “a warning to lonely ladies of a certain age.” Why? The plight of the single lady, in a nutshell. We believe in learning from the history of our fellow singles. And in the case of Thea Miller, beautiful divorcee, and John Egan, a 32-year-old prematurely gray (but what a nice, full head of hair!), pot-bellied fellow with extensive sadface passing himself as a “globetrotting NLF exec,” what we can learn is: NO, NO, NO.

Clue #1 this was not going to go well:

They met on

Clues #2-4:

For two years, Egan sent emails and text messages — but no photos — to Thea Miller, sometimes also calling her 10 times a day.

Clue #5:

Remember, they met on

Clues #6-7:

He promised to take her to Giants football games and charity events. Each time, he’d abruptly cancel their date, claiming his mother was sick or he had a business emergency.

Clue #8-100: He used her credit cards to buy himself tickets to sports games that he did not take her to, as well as $80,000 in sports memorabilia. And pricey meals (that he also didn’t take her to, considering they never met?) Oh, and diamond rings. And sapphire earrings.

Adding insult to injury:

All of the items were shipped to his parents’ address — with him often paying an extra $25 for rush shipment.


Even worse: Egan, apparently, got married three or four years ago.

Thankfully for single and not single ladies of New York and the world: He’s been busted and is now the subject of a grand-larceny investigation by the Manhattan DA’s office.

But, women, please, let this be a lesson to us all. There are such things as clues, and such things as screaming air-raid sirens atop giant, crimson flags.

On a side note, never let your girlfriends put your profile together for you.

[via New York Post]