Alert: Naked Women Are Running Around the USA Being Nuts


You’d think it was still August. Evidence: 1. People are acting crazy! 2. People are getting nekkid! Seriously, in two otherwise unrelated stories from our nation, in just one day, women have taken off their clothes to do otherwise mundane things (in public) and gotten arrested. Shall we compare and contrast?

In our first tale of indecent exposure, we have Jennifer Gille, 29, a Michigan woman who was picked up in a cab at 1 a.m. on Sunday only to arrive at her destination, refuse to leave the cab, and begin “behaving erratically.” By erratic, we mean disrobing in the back seat and demanding to be taken to a new location. (Note: This doesn’t work in New York City; why would it work in Michigan?)

The story gets better: When the driver couldn’t get the nude gal to leave his ride, he drove to the police station, and when he ran inside to find a cop, Gille took off in his cab. Fortunately, she only drove a block away, where she parked and, apparently “rested,” still nude, in the back seat, where the cops found her. She was, apparently, intoxicated.

That story, though, is topped (topped!) by that of Katherine Margaret Watson, a 37-year-old North Dakota woman arrested for indecent exposure Sunday after she strode into a local Walgreens wearing a thong, pasties, a “partial” green towel (whatever can that mean?), and whipped cream. She was only there to buy shaving cream, of course. Watson informed her persecutors — the cops — that she was a “free thinker” and trying to make a statement, Jacobson said. Because people need to think outside the box!


“She said that if she did this at Sturgis, no one would look twice at her,” he said.

Or, a Juggalo convention?