Are You a Hoarder?


The amazing A&E show Hoarders has made me realize that on some level I put the whore in hoarder.

After all, I keep old, irrelevant clippings about myself just to prove I exist.

I have stacks and stacks of old videos that I never look at and never bothered to convert to DVD. (Why should I? I’d still never look at them.)

I also refuse to throw out clothes I never wear, books I never read, and lampshades I never use, mainly because I’m terrified that the second I do so, I’ll need them.

(I’ll never forget the time I tossed a pair of perfectly fitting high heels into the garbage and the very next day got a call to do drag in a video!)

So I’m clinging to my clutter, especially since it’s way less cluttered than before, back when I kept an old typewriter in the closet just in case!

How about you?

Do you have any useless old record albums, empty bottles, or boyfriends lying around that you can’t seem to dump into the chute?