Cinema’s Hottest New Trend: Movies About Websites!


The only time people aren’t online these days is when they’re at a movie theater — after I scream at them to turn off their BlackBerrys, that is — but now they can get over their Webby withdrawal by watching movies about the Internet.

It’s the latest trend!

I recently saw a Luke Wilson flick called Middle Men about all the sleaze and scandal involved in the creation of a real-life porn site.

(It should come to a DVD near you soon — and it’s the kind of thing you’d want to watch alone anyway.)

Now comes Catfish, a documentary that centers on an eight-year-old girl Facebooking a photographer and the outlandish complications that ensue.

And then we have The Social Network, the new David Fincher film about the rise and fall of the Facebook founders.

Can behind-the-scenes stuff about the Web make for absorbing drama?

Or will this all turn out like Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the 1980s bomb that had a handful of customers watching Whoopi Goldberg type on her keyboard for two hours?