Download Panda Bear’s Governors Island Set From NYC Taper


Panda Bear live is a polarizing experience, offering either transcendent art-pop grandeur or “a way-too-long set of drony trance grooves punctuated by atonal yelps, yodels, and the occasional wounded whale noise.” Most folks gathered for his set Saturday night at Governor’s Island seemed to like those wounded whale noises very much, thank you, but now you can judge for yourself:

Yes, NYC Taper’s got the whole set up, featuring both older-school PB jams (the relative hush and delicacy of “Ponytail” was my personal highlight) and stuff from his upcoming, slightly darker Tomboy. Danny Perez-aided visual wonkery is of course a big part of the appeal here, but I don’t know, just browse fucked-up art blogs on the Internet five times faster than you normally do and that’ll replicate the effect well enough.