Drunk Pilot Yanked From Delta Flight; His Passengers Could Probably Use a Drink


A Delta Airlines pilot about to fly from Amsterdam to Newark today was removed from the plane after getting a .023 percent on his blood alcohol level test, which is just over the legal limit in the Netherlands. In the U.S., where the pilot is from (Woodbury, New Jersey, to be exact), drunk driving is legally set at .08 or over — except when flying planes, in which case it’s .018. The most shocking part of this story? You can be even an eensy bit intoxicated and still fly a plane.

No wonder we need a few Xannies before boarding. We’re all for boozing, but drink & fly should only apply to passengers. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about!

Police were notified by an anonymous tip, and the pilot was fined $900 and released. Meanwhile, the flight was canceled, meaning passengers have to wait until tomorrow to fly. We hope someone buys them a few drinks in the meantime.

[via NBC NY]