East Village Residents Raise Hell Against Local Bar, Sin Sin


Neighbors to Sin Sin: “Shut up or get out.” The bar’s late hours and rowdy patrons who spill onto 5th Street and Second Avenue have bothered neighbors for quite a while, provoking the local precinct to organize a meeting between the bar’s owners and local residents in early August. But the meeting was not enough.

Weeks later, 37-year-old Devin Thompson was shot outside the club on August 22, and died of his wounds. The murder was hardly a shock to neighbors who have dealt with Sin Sin patrons for years, according to DNAInfo. “People are being killed and people are shooting outside my window,” said nine-year East 5th Street resident Ariel Churi.

But now the neighborhood is putting up a serious fight, according to EV Grieve.

This is what Stuart Zamsky, president of the East 5th Street Block Association, wrote to Sin Sin owner, Philip Quilter, on Friday in response to the actions he said he took to quell the issue:

Sir, we do not believe you. Not a word that you say. And, as we said at the meeting on the 4th we have no desire to talk to you or to listen to your hollow promises. Do you think that we do not have eyes and ears? We see the same problematic clientele patronizing your club as before. We are looking for action, and until action is taken, and you begin to court a clientele who is not violent, you will continue to be viewed as a scourge on our otherwise peaceful neighborhood. And, the neighborhood will not rest until you are gone and Sin Sin’s license is revoked.

The Block Association President’s e-mail was in response to a message Quilter sent to local residents on August 25:

“Since that meeting on the 4th, I have personally addressed your concerns and conveyed our ideas on how to better meet your requests with all the personnel at several staff meetings. Also, I have implemented and am enforcing a stricter door policy, I am personally monitoring all our patron’s parties including bachelorette, birthdays, etc, at the location and as a result, I believe, the programming of the venue has improved dramatically in just a few short weeks.” He also said that Sin Sin was cooperating with police in their investigation.

Quilter declined to discuss the matter with Runnin’ Scared.

Now, locals are distributing fliers to promote their cause at next Tuesday’s precinct meeting. Residents “expect policing of the bar or help shutting it down.”

To translate Sin Sin from Gaelic: That’s that.