Gabe Stulman Reveals Plans to Transform West Village Into Eastern Branch of Wisconsin


We’re … employing more people from Wisconsin across the street at Jeffrey’s. We want to rebrand this like little pocket, the three blocks from West 4th street down where Fedora is all the way down to like Christopher and Sixth Avenue. I’d like to rename this little area “Little Wisco,” because we’ve got the oldest and most prominent, Kettle of Fish (a true Wisco bar), we’re here, Jeffrey’s is here, Fedora will have Wisconsin people and a friend of mine that I went to college with is opening up a clothing shop on Christopher and Gay so it’s a lot of Wisconsin. You know they’ve got a Little Italy, I think we should make a Little Wisco in the West Village.

–Gabe Stulman, restaurateur and Wisconsinite, on his forthcoming attempts to create a new ethnic enclave in Lower Manhattan