Gawker Having Trouble Reading…Themselves


It looks like Gawker’s had a bit of an issue when it comes to repeating themselves (or others!) lately. Attribution issues: They happen.

Jim Newell writes about the Pentagon burning books on September 10.

Max Read tackles the issue on September 14.

Max Read writes about the Domino’s Pizza arsonist on September 13.

Jeff Neuman writes about the Domino’s Pizza arsonist later that night/the next morning, on September 14.

Easily forgiven. Fact of the matter is, sometimes bloggers think the same bloggy things! Sometimes bloggers forget to read their own fellow bloggers. Sometimes bloggers forget where they read something they’re gonna blog. And sometimes bloggers just have bloggy blind spots, or something.

Further reference:
3:20 and 11:58,
Saturday and Monday,
9:45 PM and 1:37 a.m.,
9:30 PM and 12:57 AM.

Glad we’re not one of ’em.