They All Look Alike: Daily News, Minority Politicians Division


“Throw the Bums Out!” is the lead battle cry of the front page of the Daily News‘ Web site this morning, and it has pix of those rascals we should all be voting against today — a quartet of black and Hispanic politicians: state senators Pedro Espada, Kevin Parker, Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat, — and hey, wait just a tabloid minute — what the heck is City Councilman Robert Jackson’s face (second from left) doing here?

Jackson, the city rep from Washington Heights, isn’t even on the ballot today. Oh, I get it, they mixed him up with state senator Bill Perkins, who is singled out in the connecting editorial for ouster due to his “subservience to the United Federation of Teachers.” Well, they all look alike, don’t they?

Come to think of it, Jackson, who chairs the council’s Education Committee, is also pretty damn close to the UFT, so what’s the difference?

This one can probably be chalked up to the News‘s ongoing internal battle between its print and Web editions, which has replaced the old Sunday edition-daily edition war. There were no goofs on the front page of the print paper which carries the same hedline, minus the fotos. The real paper goes with Joanna Molloy’s column on Jets harassment vic Ines Sainz, whose posterior Molloy calls “pulchritudinous.” We are looking it up, or better yet, we’ll ask Barrett who spotted the photo screw-up first and who knows all about such things.