Wall Street Journal Hits New High of Bitchiness, Calling Out Spelling Errors


Copy errors. They happen to the worst of us, and sometimes, those much better than your usual poorly edited suspects. But is it really necessary for one publication to call another publication out on — of all things — a spelling error?

If you’re the Wall Street Journal, apparently so. New York magazine wrote a piece about an accused Ponzi schemer “with ties to Belgian royalty” named Guy Albert de Chimay, who’s claiming that the piece came because of his former fiancees friends and relatives, who have ties to NY Mag. Chimay argues to the Wall Street Journal that the coverage by NY Mag is because…

“They have friends on the boards of companies and that work for New York magazine. New York magazine is doing an article about me. This is all nonsense and made up because they are mad at me.”

Fair enough, or as fair a refutation a guy accused of stealing $7M can make. But is this…

New York magazine published two blog items about Mr. Chimay, including one that referred to Ms. Saiger as Erica Steiger.

Really indicative of anything other than a lousy copy edit? Wouldn’t New York actually want to spell these names right if they’re pulling for The Saiger Family? It’s kind of an unnecessarily bitchy aside, especially considering there’s no context given to it. At least now we know where some of the $15M Rupert Murdoch shelled out for the Journal‘s new metro section went: the best in-house copy editors of other people’s publications in New York City.