Williamsburg Drug Dealers Now Literally Ripping Off Customers


As if the price one pays for drugs isn’t enough — a habit of criminal indulgence at $50 for a little under an eighth — it now appears your drug dealers are going to gouge you for even more cash these days by just….straight-up robbing you.

Via the New York Post‘s police blotter:

A marijuana seller threatened to stab his customer in the neck inside a Seigel Street building on Sept. 11 before robbing him and fleeing the scene. The drug dealer entered the building near Bushwick Avenue with his client at 12:30 am — but the tables turned when he slammed his victim against the wall, threatening, “You’re going to get shanked in here.” The victim did not get “shanked” but was shaken, surrendering his iPhone and $20, before the perp fled the building.

That’s $20 and a communications line less to ruin your life with. Also, lesson learned, this is the kind of customer care you get when you hire an independent contractor to sell you your drugs and don’t go through the efficiency of one of New York City’s many drug-dealing services.

And now you know.