You Are Washing Your Hands Wrong, and By Wrong, We Mean Not at All


According to a report released Monday by the American Society for Microbiology and the American Cleaning Institute, a whole lot of dirty, dirty people in the US of A don’t wash their hands. Which means we’re either gross or lazy. Or gross and lazy. This includes 20 percent of people at Penn Station and Grand Central. (Why are you even using the restroom at Penn Station and Grand Central? All sorts of hygiene questions ensue…)

The thing is, many of these people were in public restrooms, being watched by research spies. If shame among others can’t make you wash your hands after using the bathroom, maybe the threat of a superbug can?

Meanwhile, those who were polled by phone mostly lied — 96 percent of them said they always washed their hands in public places. When at home, that rate went down to 89 percent. Women, not surprisingly, were better at the whole hand-washing thing than the men. Shame works better on us.

For those of you who don’t wash, here’s an easy primer (and there are no shortage of these things on the Internet, which just seems…sad):

1. Turn on faucet.
2. Apply soap to hands.
3. Rub vigorously.
4. Rinse.
5. Dry.
6. Stay the hell away from us if you really need these instructions.

Or you could just smoke cigarettes. We hear that kills all the germs.

Good luck!

[via New York Times]