Alig Released In Nine Days?


That’s what some former club kids in the know are saying on Facebook.

Michael Alig, of course, was the ’90s leader of the club kids who ended up clubbing a little too hard — in fact, he and his roommate, Freeze, clubbed a cohort, Angel Melendez, to death in one of the grisliest high-profile crimes of the modern age.
He’s been in various jails for over a decade and everyone’s always bugging me about when he’s getting out.
They ask it half in fear but half in a kind of moist excitement, as if only someone that dangerous could bring New York back to its giddy heights of depravity (or, more likely, L.A., where I suspect he’ll find a home).
So is he finally getting out so he can GO out again?
Half bolting the door just in case.