Anti-Charisma Carries the Day for the “Play Guitar With Pavement” Finalists


Well, this is terribly disappointing. The race to determine who’ll play guitar with Pavement on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon later this month has been narrowed down to five finalists, and our own Stelios Phili, who poured milk all over his hands and found a blue tarp and formed a band that only plays parts of Pavement songs and everything, is not among the potential victors. Guess who is, though!

Why, it’s our old friend Mr. Anti-Charisma, doing “Shady Lane” split-screen style in as dispassionate a manner as humanly possible, which I suppose is in keeping with the objective here:

Here are the other five finalists, for whom you can vote until Friday; I grudgingly voted for the guy playing “Grave Architecture” in a bathtub alongside a kid in a monkey suit, even as I sensed I was being blatantly pandered to. That there’s no write-in vote here is a travesty, BTW. We will not take this defeat lightly.

Pavement is, of course, playing a shit-ton of shows this month. Not a lot of time left to find those tickets you bought.